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Face Painting

   In May of 2007 Jenny the Juggler did face painting at my daughter's 4th birthday. That night my daughter didn't want her face painted crown washed off because she wanted to be a princess forever!

   After some keen deal making I promised to face paint a NEW crown on my daughter the next day so she could wash off the face paint (keeping the pillowcase clean).

   The minute she woke up the next morning I was questioned about when the face painting was going to get done. So I ran out to get Snazaroo (Make up) face paints after reading on the internet that these were the best, most affordable, and most trusted brand available (I still use them today!).

Rainbow Kitty
Simple pink face paint design
Batman face paint
Tribal Armband face paint
Skelita face paint
rainbow swirl facepaint
Elsa crown face paint
snowman face paint
Christmas lights face paint
Skeleton Face Paint
Happy face painting
Olaf face paint
ice cream face paint

Paint the Moon Blue Started with

Face Painting

   Each day for weeks after that my daughter wanted face paint as a bribe to washing up every night. Every day or two I went along with it, now also painting her brother and sister's faces. Now even painting their friends that they suddenly started to bring over. . . Next thing I knew I had offered (as a  birthday gift for a party my daughter was attending) to face paint. People at the party asked for my card! My card? you mean I could do THIS for a living and make kids (& grown ups) happy when I worked?


I was sold - and here I am - waiting to make you, your friends and family, and everyone attending your event smile and have a blast! Together, we can make every event a Celebration!

Amy DesChenes

Paint the Moon Blue

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